We come from a small green planet The band on screen
Support act: Kasabian
Attendance: 57,000

For the second German show of the U2 360° Tour we also leave early. Around 7.30 am we arrive at the AWD Arena. This time we get numbers 119 and 120. Here in Hanover are a lot of Dutch people as well. We join a 'Dutch' line.

In our 'tent' (photo: Leon vd Wielen)Unfortunately, at about 9 am it starts to rain. Luckily, there are people who have brought tarps. We attach them to the fence, so we have a good shelter. Meanwhile some Belgian, British and German people join the line. There’s a nice atmosphere. There is even live guitar music and we all do some singing. After about an hour and a half the rain stops.

Security indicates that the chairs and the like have to be removed at 2 pm. With ribbons they make separate blocks for about twenty people. The intention is that we go inside drop wise. At about a quarter past four thThe Clawe door opens. And indeed we go in one by one. Of course my bag is checked extensively, very much to my annoyance. Thereafter, security checks my ticket and then I start to run. The first part is about a 100 meters, and therefore easy to do. Then comes a big staircase down without a handrail, so Itake it a bit slower here. André has now overtaken me. Finally, we have to cross the arena and I start sprinting again. André obtains a beautiful spot at the fence on the outside of the catwalk (Edge’s side). This is exactlKasabiany the place we wanted: a nice overview of the stage, the video screen and the band members walk through here regularly.

Kasabian is also supporting U2 in Hanover. At a quarter past seven they appear on stage. The sound is much better adjusted than in Frankfurt. The band seems to have more fun this time. There is more inteU2 crew at workraction with the audience. All in all a nice performance.

Then the stage is being transformed again for the main act of the evening: U2. At about 8.50 pm we hear Bowie and we know that the concert begins. The Irish quartet appears on stage and immediately launches Return Of The Stingray Guitar. Bono has a big grin and dances and jumps on the catwalk.

During New YeTaking photos (photo: Leon vd Wielen)ar's Day Bono calls: "Solidarity". This happens to the great joy of the Polish people standing beside us with a ‘Solidarnosc’ banner.

Before I Still Haven’t Found What I'm Looking For Bono speaks with a voice like an alien. He says: “We hope you like our space Enjoying (photo: Leon vd Wielen)station. We come from a small green planet called Ireland. We have been visiting with you the German people for some time now. We love you. When my spaceship crashed a few months ago it was German doctors and nurses that put me back together again. Thank you.” Then he thanks - again in a normal voice - sister Imke. She’s attending the concert. Bono says that she is the person who put the ‘made in Germany’ stamp on his ass. Everyone in the stadium laughs.

SubsequenCrazy Tonight!tly, Bono introduces the band members, this time with a reference to Star Wars. He introduces The Edge as R2D2, Adam as Princess Leia and finally Larry as Darth Vader. He himself is Chewbacca.

Before Moment Of Surrender Bono asks the audience to sing Happy Birthday for Wim Wenders. Of course that happens. Then he talks about Robert Enke, the keeper of Hannover ‘96 who committed suicide last year. He asks to turn a spotlight to Larry. He is wearing a Hannover '96 t-shirt. Moment Of Surrender begins with the "oh, oh,Exit on screen oh, oh, oh" immediately echoeing in the Arena. This really remains a ‘goosebump song’.

Then after two hours and five minutes the show ends. Although the setlist was identical to that of Frankfurt, we've enjoyed the concert very much. A U2 concert remains a fantastic experience, even if it is already number 51. Unfortunately, we now have to wait until September 6 for our next show.

Return Of The Stingray Guitar = Beautiful Day = New Year’s Day = Get On Your Boots = Magnificent  = Mysterious Ways (with snippet of My Sweet Lord) = Elevation = I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (with snippet of Movin' On Up) = Glastonbury = In A Little While = Miss Sarajevo = Until The End Of The World = The Unforgettable Fire = City Of Blinding Lights = Vertigo (with snippet of Rock You Like A Hurricane) = I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (remix, with snippet of Funky Town at the beginning and a snippet of Discothèque at the end) = Sunday Bloody = Sunday = MLK  = Walk On (with snippet of You'll Never Walk Alone) = One = Where The Streets Have No Name (with snippet of Amazing Grace at the beginning and a snippet of All You Need Is Love at the end)  = Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me = With Or Without You = Moment of Surrender

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