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Ordinary Love

Finally, a new single by U2: Ordinary Love, written for the movie Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. I played Ordinary Love numerous times since last night and I love it. Bring on the new album. I cannot wait.


Dutchelevation now on Facebook

Dutchelevation now has a page on Facebook. Maybe we 'see' each other there!


From The Ground Up

Yesterday I received the annual gift from U2.com that goes with renewal of your subscription. It is an official photobook of the U2 360° Tour and it is gorgeous. In the book you will also find a cd 'Edge's picks from U2 360°', bookmarks and photos of the band members. Such a gift is definitely worth renewing your subscription.

From The Ground Up


Tour in 2014?

Last Monday I attended a concert of The Killers in Amsterdam. To my surprise I noticed Stuart Morgan was working there. After the show I talked to him. He recognised me from U2 concerts. I asked him if he had any news about a U2 tour. He immediatly replied: “Next  year”. I reacted excited and asked: “Really, next year?”. He confirmed the news again. He said there will be more news about the tour at the end of this year. Also, a new album will be released this year according to him. Then he gave me the setlist but obviously his news was much more important to me.

After the concert I put this news on Twitter. That tweet soon went all over the world. My tweet was retweeted 40 times. After that Atu2.com’s retweet was retweeted 19 times as well. The news got a lot of ‘likes’ on Facebook and I even got a mention on a Brazilian website. Hopefully Stuart spoke the truth. Fingers crossed.

Update 18-03: Just discovered that the Irish Daily Star also wrote an article about my tweet.
Update 10-04: People keep retweeting my message. Counter now at 53 retweets.


Renewal U2.com subscription

Just in time I renewed my U2.com subscription. All I have to do now is wait for 'From The Ground Up'.


Pride remix

This week I received an e-mail from U2.com. They wrote: "Be one of the first in the world to hear something special". Therefore you needed to log on to U2.com today at 8.00 pm GMT. Everyone is hoping to hear new songs. Unfortunately we get to hear Tiësto's remix of Pride. It is ok, but after an announcement like that we were expecting a bit more.



Today I finally received U22. It's a wonderful memory of the U2 360° Tour which won't leave my cd player for a while.


L.A. vation in Holland

On Saturday June 9 American U2 Tributeband L.A. vation will perform in Holland at the 'Tuinfeesten Langeweg'. This band from Los Angeles - the best U2 Tribute in the world according to themselves - will also perform in The Hague, Leiden, Uden and Aalten. L.A. vation puts up a very realistic show which they already brought to 15 countries. The shows are always sold out, so buy a ticket fast. Dutchelevation will be there! :-)

L.A. vation


Succesful fan reunion in Dublin

The Long Stone PubFrom 20 until 22 April the international U2 Fan Reunion took place. Fans from many countries visited Dublin. Everyone was enthousiastic and even the weather was lovely.

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